Saving money by having leftover days

One of the ways we save money on groceries, is by eating leftovers. Sometimes our meals just end up with leftovers, and sometimes they are planned.

A lot of times, I'll make a double batch of something and freeze half for later. Sometimes, I'll make a little extra so we get lunch the next day from just one time spent cooking.

And some days, we have what we call a "leftover day". On leftover days, we dig out all the leftovers that happen to be in the refrigerator and everyone picks their own dish or bits and pieces of everything. Surprisingly, my kids love leftover days. My son loves it because lunch or dinner is ready immediately (well by microwave, but basically immediately) and my daughter loves it because she gets to pick what she wants to eat.

A lot of our lunches and a few of our dinners each week are leftovers. In cooking time, energy, and ingredients, I'm guessing this saves us quite a bit of money. Plus, it keeps us from wasting. I once read that the average American throws a way 3 pounds of food waste each day. Seriously? We almost never throw away food...peels yes (well composted), edible food, no.

Incidentally, I found a website that says people in New Jersey throw away 2 lbs more per day per person than any other state. What's that all about?


Becca said...

We try to use up all of our leftovers, but sometimes throw some out. I love leftovers though also because I get to eat what I like :)

J. L. W. said...

My 2 year old has a love hate relationship with leftovers. Me, on the other hand, I love them since I only cook for dinner what I like since I'm usually the one having them the next day for lunch. I am now following on twitter and google.
Joy @

Anonymous said...

I've done leftover night before and even though the rest of the family doesn't much like it, at least we are not wasting. Then again, it all depends on what the leftovers were. I need to remember to cook a double batch and freeze for another meal.

Great post, Angela.

Lydia said...

This is one subject that really gets me fired up! I get so frustrated with people continually throwing out food. Or putting huge portions on their kids plates and then because it is way to much and the kid can't eat it all, out it goes to the garbage. So wasteful!

Thanks for sharing how you eat leftovers. I always figure it might inspire someone else to try it and to not waste food too.

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