One YEAR of the Wii-Fit - Results?

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We bought the Wii Fit just over a year ago, and it was a huge hit with the whole family! We played it every single day for about a month. That's about how long it took for us to open up every single game and get the highest score for each exercise.

And got shelved. Well, sort of. I took it out every month or so to weigh myself and do a few minutes of yoga.

What happened? Didn't we lose weight with the wii fit? Actually, both my husband and I lost weight while we used the wii fit. Take a look at my record from the last year:
There is about a month of data missing (October 08)

When I started with the wii fit, I could not do a single pushup. Not a real one. I got a "0" on that exercise, and it made me mad! So I got better at it. I played and played and unlocked every game option. It was fun. I was winning.

I challenged the trainer to every competition until I had beat him at every level. And then.....there was nothing left to conquer.

As a game, the wii fit is fun. It's active and the activities will help you lose weight, but.....once you can no longer "win," the fun wears off. And as a stand-alone workout routine, it stinks. There's too much waiting and trainer talking. And there's not enough "oomph" for lack of a better description.

But it makes a great scale! And it records everything for you! That is the current role of my wii fit. So sad! My kids bought me the Wii Fit Plus for Christmas this year, and I'm hoping that will breathe new life into my Wii fit experience. If not, it's off to ebay with my wii fit....and trusty scale.

**I need to let you know that I did not use the wii fit alone to get this weight loss. I played the wii fit every day for the first month, and maybe only 10 minutes every 2 months after that. I ran 12 miles a week, cleaned up my diet - big time, and added bodyweight turbulence training.

I still hop on the wii every few months to check my weight and do a little yoga, but do not use it as a weight loss tool. I would recommend it as an easy start to exercise and a gateway into better things. And as a fun, family-friendly game. Check out the fitness section of my blog to see why and what I do for exercise.


Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I have never used the WiFIt but it looks fun. Any exercise is better than none!

Becca said...

I love my WiiFit but I really do go through phases with it. I like it, but it isn't enough to hold my interest daily.

Amy said...

I had issues with the fact that there was such a delay between workouts, but I just got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas and that's not an issue anymore.

I also got EA Sports Active, which I've enjoyed. Working muscles that obviously haven't been used in a long time.

Amy said...

We got our Wii Fit for our birthdays in February. We used it for awhile, but it's been months we've done it. I'm afraid to get on it again.

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