Morphibians Gator Remote Control Toy - review

I wish I could tell you I was the great master mind behind selecting the Morphibian Gator Remote Control Toy for my son (age 5) but it would be a lie.

Growing tree toys sent us this toy to review and my son LOVED it!

It has been in his hands since it arrived at our home a few days ago.

Let me share with you a few things we loved about this toy:
-The vehicle operates by radio frequency, and is extremely responsive to the remote.
-My 5 year old could drive this perfectly: forward, backwards, right, left, and circles. Even my 3 year old could drive it pretty well.
-The vehicle was durable and rugged. It could go from hard surfaces to carpet and back with no problems. This car is waterproof and will be tested outside this spring. :)
-My son played with it every day. It was even strong enough to transport stuffed animals.

The drawbacks:
1. This car does take 5 batteries (3 AA and 2 AAA.) Make sure you have them in advance so your child can use it right away.
2. If your child is like mine, they will want to drive it around all day. That's a great thing...unless they drive circles around you while you exercise in the living room. A little annoying.

Growing Tree Toys has this and many other great educational toys. You may think this doesn't qualify as an educational toy, but it was great for hand-eye coordination and building fine motor skills. I'm always looking for ways to enhance my son's motor skills (it all translates to better handwriting, reading, and math skills.)

Thank you Growing Tree Toys for supplying us with this great toy for review. No compensation was given for this review and the views expressed are my opinions.


Anonymous said...

My grandson would love that! Can it go in a pool or pond?

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