Infant Formula Lawsuit

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Do you ever stand in the grocery aisle agonizing over the brand name versus the store brand product? I do. I'm a label reader and a price checker. Sometimes the products seem so similar, but then they don't. It can be amazingly frustrating. I was lucky that I never had to purchase infant formula for my children, but millions of moms buy it every day.

Just this week, a judge upheld the jury verdict for PBM against Mead Johnson for making claims that store brand formulas were inferior to Enfamil. PBM Products include the infant formula sold under the Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, and other retail store brands. In the case, PBM Products won a $13.5 million false advertising judgment against Mead Johnson for claims made that the store brand products do not provide the same nutrition as Mead Johnson's products. The main complaint centered around DHA and ARA. As it turns out, both products contain similar amounts of DHA/ARA and are sourced by the same supplier.

In the end, the jury found the products to be nutritionally equivalent and Mead Johnson to be guilty of false advertising. The store brand products cost 50% less than the brand name equivalents, ultimately costing each family hundreds of dollars extra per year.

This reinforces all that I've been realizing lately. As consumers, we must do the research! We need to be price savvy, label savvy, and so much more. Happy label reading!
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frosty said...

That makes me so mad. I had to use formula and I always bought name brand figuring if I can't breastfeed that I want to give my child the best. I feel like I should get some of that 13 mill.

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