Grocery Shopping - over $100 - what!

This week I spent $103.43 on groceries & household items. Huh? The picture above contains everything I bought. I went to two stores and my total before coupons was $188.66. So I saved $85.23 using coupons and I mailed in my receipt for the $20 Olay Pro-x rebate.

Why did I spend so much this week? Well....there is $90 worth of Olay Pro-x face cream in there. LOL I received a free full-size sample from vocalpoint a month ago, and I fell in love with this lotion. Enough to buy $90 worth! I, of course, used coupons and will be sending in for the rebate.

This week, I tried to separate my freebies off to one side. I didn't do a great job, but here's what I got for FREE:
-Hostess cupcakes (from friending on facebook)
-Always infinity pads (from free sample)
-Fruitabu organic fruit rolls (from filling out survey)
-Steaz organic tea (from online coupon)
-2 packages of nestle tollhouse chocolate chips (by combining manufacture's and store coupons)
-Jello mousse pudding (from Kraft First Taste)

Pretty close to free:
-2 packages of Magnum-5 razors (printables available at
-Ritz crackers
-Muir Glen tomato paste (printables available at

My splurges:
-2 bags of Thomas mini bagels - Yum
-3 packages of Hormel natural (nitrate/nitrite free) deli meat
-20 oz package of buitoni tortellini and pesto
-diamond pecans

The rest I paid full (or sale) price.


Angela said...

Way to go big spender!

blueviolet said...

You are a master!

Hi I'm Jenna. said...

I am on a severe diet. Do you have any low fat yummy food tips for me?

Check out my tummy and butt pics on my site. I am tracking my progress.

Shawna said...

I'm with you on the Thomas' mini bagels. I pay full price most times too. :O Good to hear you love the face cream, I wondered if it was worth the effort to get it.

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