Grocery Shopping - $34 for a family of 5

Tis the Season to start stocking up on great nut sales. As soon as the holidays are over, the sales for nuts usually get even better. This week, I only shopped at Target. I spent $34.18 and saved a whopping $3.55 with coupons. Some of the things I bought were cheaper at other stores, but I would have saved $2 and ran to 3 stores. Nope, not for me, especially during the holidays.

Some notable Target deals: Diamond 16 oz Walnuts are $2.99 (pair that with the $3/2 coupon from the paper) and 4lbs of Organic anjou pears for $1.99 (that's less than 50c/lb and they are organic.) Things are changing in the way I buy groceries. I'm just minutes away from finishing The Omnivore's Dilemmaand there are so many changes I need to make. It's going to be a slow, learning process, and I'm still not sure where to start and what I'm going to do.

For example, I saw "free-roaming," "pasture-fed," 91% lean ground beef on sale for $5.99/lb. Ordinarily, this would appeal to me. Yes, $5.99/lb for ground beef is high, but I'd pay a higher price for grass fed, truly pasture-fed beef. But my definition of "pasture-fed" or "free range" and what the USDA allows are two completely different things.

I'm finding out that I need to research a lot of things before I just buy it based on package labels and feelings. I realize I did buy dairy products (string cheese and milk) without doing my research. So far my research has led me to believe that most dairy farms (including most organic farms) are operating in much the same way (from a humane treatment/confinement perspective.) I'm sure there are exceptions, but until I find out who they are, I've maintained my status quo on dairy. I don't buy a lot of it and I'm willing to make the leap to better products when I know for certain that they are better.


HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Wow thats amazing.

Coupon Teacher said...

You did great! I would love to have you come link up on my Thrifty Thursday!

Mrs. B said...

If you like his book, you'll love Real Food.
We've been eating grass fed beef and pastured pork and chicken for years now from local farmers. No way I'd ever go back!

Angela said...

Coupon Teacher - I'm writing it down in my mt. everest of scribbled notes and will try to make it on Thursday. :)

Mrs. B - Thanks for the link. I am adding it to my library request right now. :) Still waiting for Eating Animals - I think it may be a few years, lol.

Cathy said...

Have you ever ordered from Hearst

I get beef there for my son who wants steak,they are good they have a discount code right now YULE09 for 25% off. I read that book to, we just don't have anyone selling local grass fed beef here, buy we do have buffalo, except I found out they are even partly corn fed.

Angela said...

Thanks for the tip and the coupon code. :) I'm going to look into it.

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