Giveaway Winners!

Wondering if you won one of my giveaways? I always email the winner directly within a day or two of the contest ending. I also post the winners name up on the original giveaway. I'm toying with the idea of keeping a winner's page, but haven't settled on the best way to announce winners.

Speaking of winners.....a few weeks ago I hosted a Blog Design Giveaway. The winner was ByJenna and she has allowed me to show you the results of her blog makeover.  In addition: VCDesigns is holding a design giveaway at her site. There is still time to win, so head over to ByJenna if you'd like another chance at a new blog design. The entry numbers are low so the odds are very good that you'll be a winner (not that you're not already!) ;)

Jenna won a FREE header and logo, Twitter page and Button. Here's a snapshot of her twitter page:

Jenna is a new blogger, so head over to her site and show her some love. :)


Midday Escapades said...

I'm also still toying with the winners announcement thing, too. Right now, I post about winners and link back to original giveaway post, but I was also thinking a separate winners page.

Congrats to Jenna! Her design rocks!

Dimes2Vines said...

Thanks for the heads up with the Giveaway - I am waiting for the page to open so I can enter!

Good luck if you do the P90X and thanks for buying through dimes2vines.I may start it soon - We'll see how much money my mother gives me this Christmas! :)

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