Decorating on the cheap - Nature's Freebies

I've decorated my home on the cheap. How did I do it? By using what we already had, painting what we already head, making it myself, buying it at 75% off, or buying it used.

And there's one other way I've used a ton! Taking advantage of Nature's freebies. Our winter centerpiece is made of birch branches I found lying in the forest.

Our Holiday planters outside - prunings from my spruce and dogwoods.

Decorative accents - pinecones and sweetgums.

In the summer - fresh flowers from our yard!

Get creative and use the things that Nature has thrown out. Each area of our beautiful country is blessed with different and fantastic discards!

Gotta love the freebies!


Midday Escapades said...

How awesome are you? Thanks for this idea. You are brilliant!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

We brought home pinecones one year to decorate for an art project, and later I found something like maggots or something crawling on the table, coming from the pinecones! GROSS! Needless to say, my kids have to leave outside things OUTSIDE now.

kalea_kane said...

This looks absolutely beautiful. I have to stick to just a few house plants, but that is because of my cats. I think your arrangement is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Maybe try putting things in the microwave before letting them "stay" in the house?

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