The 30 Day Shred - Halfway there!

My 4 year-old niece just called. As soon as I picked up the phone she said, "Ang, my mom is dying." What? Then I heard my sister yelling in the background..... The shred arrived.....I'm dying..... then the phone went dead. I'm still laughing about it! This was probably the best thing I had heard all day. Now all of my sisters and most of my friends are shredding. And they've spread the shred to their friends. Who said word of mouth (or word of blog) wasn't effective? I love it!

I'm over halfway through my 30 days of The 30 Day Shred.

The good news: I'm still going strong and haven't lost any weight. Yay! I realize most people would start the shred with a weight loss goal. Since I'm technically underweight, I'm shredding for strength.

The best news: I've been able to find time to exercise every day! Anyone can find 20 minutes a day. I've shredded through the flu (the kids and my own,) I've shredded through unwanted house guests, home construction, playdates, cleaning, and every other excuse.

Some interesting news: During a pelvic exam at the ob/gyn (more on that later) the doctor said "wow, you're ab muscles are extremely strong. I almost never see moms that get their abs back to this level." That's the 30 Day Shred in action. Now if it could erase stretch marks....

Future news: Jillian Michaels is on twitter and she recently tweeted that she's coming out with the Yoga Shred. I am so there!

Please share your Fitness stories with the linky below. If you are shredding, I'd love to hear your progress. Leave a comment if you don't have a blog post to link up.


Hi I'm Jenna. said...

I too got my Shred today. I ordered it from Amazon. It's tough. It's amazingly, simply tough. That's all I can say.

the tutu girl said...

This is the first I've ever heard of this. I have to check it out for sure.

Michelle said...

OK...I'm diggin' The Shred. I'm home alone and blog hopping tonight. I really can't wait for your before and afters! I wanna do it!!!

ALSO... totally not related to this post...I am so amazed at your grocery saving. We only grocery shop 2 a month and spend close to $300 each trip. And go back for milk and bread once in between. Now that does include ALL of our stuff... 2 boxes of diapers, wipes, catfood, dogfood...etc....hang with me in TN for a couple of weeks and show me some tricks!

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