3 Fun Surprises

I came home earlier this week to a surprise on my door. A gift from my elderly neighbors. In the card it said "thanks for visiting and being a great neighbor." They gave me a bottle of Maple syrup they had tapped and bottled in their own backyard. How's that for eating locally and organically. :)

But my surprises continued. The neighbor whose fish I watched while she was on vacation, gave me this:

Wondering what that is? It's a silver-impregnated (antibacterial) microfiber mop! What wonderful neighbors I have! I usually don't get all that excited about gifts, but I love it when people give gifts that you really enjoy. These gals were obviously listening as I rambled on about my desire to eat and clean naturally. I love it!

But the fun didn't stop there. Check out what CitiKitty sent me!

Because of my blog, my mailbox is always full of fun stuff to try out, but this was cool because it came completely unexpected and without any strings attached. CitiKitty heard about my desire to toilet train our future kitty and graciously sent me their kit. Of course, I'll use it and post about it when/if we get a kitty and I get to toilet train him/her. If we decide we can't go ahead with the kitty because of allergies, I'll either return the CitiKitty or ask if she'd be okay with me giving it away to one of you. Look for an answer soon... Either I'll be posting tons of kitty love, or I'll be hosting a fun toilet training giveaway.


Margaret said...

I would love to train my girls to go potty on the toilet. It would be great!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

I would love to train my cat to go on the potty. He uses more kitty litter than any cat I have owned.

You have great neighbors. Thats really great.

btw I grabbed your button for my blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm already trading mailboxes with a couple of other bloggers and I'd like to offer you the same. How 'bout it?

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