Weekly Grocery shopping - Under $50 - Saved 40%

This week we spent $46.24 on groceries. The price before coupons was $76.02, so a savings of 40%. Not my best week, but the sales were low. Why so many chips? With two adult males (GRrrrrr!) in the house, chips and crackers are popular.

Our local sales haven't been very exciting lately. I hope they pick up after the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Girl be PROUD of yourself and your 40% savings!

I think you did a great job this week!



Ellen said...

I know what you mean with chips...lots of hungry eaters in my house. I agree with the local sales - I DO hope they improve soon.

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Dane Tyler said...

I LOVE coupons! Saves our family alot of money! I have subscribed to your newsletter and posted your posting on my blog including your link. Thanks for offering this! Good luck to all!

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