The Ultimate Cloth - Review

Using (and consuming) less chemicals is very important to me. In the last 2 years, I haven't used any chemicals to clean my windows, counters, appliances, or floors. Zero! The only things I clean with anything chemical are clothes, dishes, and toilets. :)

What about bacteria-laden kitchen counters? Nope. I use a microfiber cloth impregnated with silver to clean just about everything in our house.

That's why I immediately said yes when I was asked to review The Ultimate Cloth. I know that the claims: no more chemicals & cleaners, no more paper towels or swiffer refills, and no more streaks are really possible.

How it works:

Exclusive MiraFiber technology picks up dust, dirt and grime. In this way, it's very similar to microfiber....except for one thing. It looks and feels like a paper towel. And one towel does it all.

My microfiber towels come in different weaves and thicknesses. The ultimate cloth seems to be able to wash and polish, with just one cloth.

My thoughts:
- My first thought was, "this is a paper towel!" But I was wrong. It looks like a paper towel and I had to resist the urge to toss it after use, but it does not rip apart like a paper towel. In fact, it's machine washable and is guaranteed to last for 5 years.

-It left a streak free shine on my granite and glass. My stainless steel results were inconclusive. Sometimes it left streaks, sometimes not. In this case, I'm still learning my best techniques with the cloth (how much water to use, etc.) I had a similar learning curve with microfiber, but it has been great with my other surfaces.

- I tried it on all kinds of messes and it cleaned it all; leaving my surfaces clean and streak free.

- It survived the washing machine!

- My house has been much cleaner lately, since anything new is always fun, and I was using this a lot lately. My husband is appreciative. ;)

My concerns:
-I repeatedly had to remind family members and visitors that this was NOT a paper towel and not to run off with it, cut it up, or throw it out.

- I felt like my mother-in-law since she saves and reuses paper towels that she keeps by the sink ;) (love you M)

- I worry about bacteria left behind. I've read somewhere that microfiber and similar products pick up a high % of bacteria by trapping them in the fibers and I assume this would be the same. But until I find out for sure, I may take this out of the kitchen and save it for glass, floors, dusting, and polishing.
If you would like to learn more or buy one, check out

No compensation was given for this review. I did receive 1 free Ultimate cloth to review and that did not sway my opinion on the product.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check this out

Angie D said...

Did you clean up milk or anything greasy? How much did these cost?

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