Tasty Butterless Popcorn - You can do it!

If you've looked back at any of my grocery trips, you've undoubtedly seen me buy microwave popcorn. But I don't eat it. :) I collect movies from cereal boxes (yay! dual purposing free cereal!) and put together "movie night" gifts for my children's male teachers and bus drivers.

This is how I make popcorn:

Pardon the mess; I never cook alone. To make tasty, butterless popcorn, all you need is an air popper (got mine new at a garage sale for $3), seeds, a spray bottle of water, and your seasonings. I use salt & pepper, but you could use almost any spice you like.

The biggest problem with no-butter popcorn is getting any seasonings to stick. That's where the water bottle comes in. After your popcorn is popped, just spritz it lightly (not enough to make it noticeably wet or soggy!) with water and sprinkle with seasoning. Stir it up and do it once more. That's it!

My kids never ask for butter anymore! Quick, easy, low-cal, and high fiber! Try it sometime and tell me what you think.


Jaqueline said...

That's a nice tip, I'll try that!!
Tanks for stopping by.
I'm following you! =D
have a great day!!

Susan @ organicdeals said...

Oh girl... you have to try making butter-less, oil-less microwave popcorn! Just get brown lunch bags and put the kernals in. Then, put in in the microwave. When the popping get's spaced out, turn the power off.

You can add popcorn salt and shake it in the same bag.

I was going to post this on my blog - great minds think alike!

Ellen said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! (I feel like we often post on SITS at the same time.) :)

Great popcorn post!

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