The Snowman's Song - Review

I love to read my children themed books, especially around season and holiday changes. I was recently offered the chance to review the book The Snowman's Song, and I have to tell you that I loved this book!

Let me tell you what I loved about it:
Everything about this book was beautiful! The illustrations were beautiful, the snowman's gentle spirit and longing to share the Christmas story was beautiful, and the whole theme/attitude of the story was beautiful.

My kids enjoyed the story and I could see this being a book they look forward to bringing out with the holiday decorations. A story to welcome the first snow and anticipate the joy of Christmas.

I also love that for every book purchased on they will donate a book to an underprivileged family. It just fits the books message so well.

My concerns:
My only concern was that I hate to see this book get loved and worn. It really is a lovely hardcover book and the pages are so nice. It pains me to think of it with nubby corners and cookie prints on the pages. But I'll have to let that go so that my children can really enjoy this wonderful story.

The book does come with an audio CD, but we haven't utilized that part yet.

This was an uncompensated review. I did receive a copy of The Snowman's Song to review, but this did not sway my opinions.


Rose said...

That sounds wonderful

balunov21 said...

Wow! good lyric. I like The Snowman's song. Thanks for share.

Rose said...

That looks so loving. Look at that sad snowman.

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