ReboundTAG Microchip - Review

Does the airport ever lose your luggage? LOL - what a stupid question, right? My husband travels a lot and I can not tell you how many times his luggage has went MIA. We even lost our luggage in Spain and had to spend a few days trying to track it spanish.

FuelMyBlog offered me the chance to review the ReboundTAG as part of one of their product campaigns. I was so excited to give this a shot.

How it works:
1. Register your Microchip
2. Attach the Microchip to your luggage - it's just like an address tag
3. Receive an SMS message and email when your bag is lost

Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to formally try it. The ReboundTAG arrived just after my flight to the event, and while my husband was gone on a trip. We just missed it both times. And we won't be travelling by air again for a few weeks.

Next time we travel, I'll attach our microchip....and hope we never need to really use it.

*This was an uncompensated review. I did receive one ReboundTAG to review.*


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