Our $1 Wall

When we moved in 2 years ago, I worked day and night to get our house unpacked and fully decorated. I was done (drapes and all) within 2 months. Gotta love insomnia. LOL

Because the style of our new home was so different from our last one, I spent a lot of time spray painting, rebuilding and recreating pieces to make them work. There were a few things that just never worked and I donated all but the 6 frames you see in the picture.

In truth, I hated these frames and thought they'd never work, but they had our family photos in them, so I put them away and forgot about them.....until I was walking through the dollar store (of all places) and came across a wall art sticker that said Family. For some reason, it made me think of these crusty old frames and I bought it.

Since I had spent a dollar, I couldn't very well waste it, and I drug out the old frames. After some free prints from Shutterfly (free prints and shipping - woo!), our frames were in business. And one of our last empty walls was filled.

The frames did originally cost me something, but after being in storage for 2 years they worth $0 to me and almost got donated. So, amazingly, a $1 purchase at the dollar store revamped our family photo frames.

This is hallway wall, so the only picture angle had to be a side angle...sorry about that. The frames are actually pretty large.


Elena said...

It looks great, Angela. I'm sure it gives your hallway a "cozy" feeling.

Carie said...

It looks beautiful!

Maggie- maggiebugjuice@aol.com said...

I love it- way to go!

Jessica said...

So beautiful! You can come and decorate my house any time!


Sherry said...

Looks great! Amazing what you can do with a buck.

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