Is Shouting the New Spanking?

Do you shout at your kids? I shout at mine. I'm not proud of it; just being honest. According to the New York Times, shouting is the new spanking! Read all about it in the Juice Box Jungle Widget --- just to the right in my sidebar.

Could shouting really be as bad as spanking? I sure hope not. I try really hard not to spank, but if it's basically the same as shouting....then I've technically spanked my children a zillion times.

What's a mom to do? Sometimes you really just need to yell. Or at least I do. I have a great friend who is a mother of 4 year old triplets, and she's probably never yelled. Or shouted. Or swore in front of her kids.

I like to hang out with her. She's a good influence on me. But I'm probably a bad influence on her....

Click on the juice box widget to read more about it. For me...I'm taking this as a hint that I need to watch my words just as much as my hands. Stay tuned for more cool parenting videos in the juice box widget over the next few days. There are some great articles coming up.


Anonymous said...

I try my best not to. I'm going to read the NYT article.

Karin said...

I remember reading something somewhere. The gist was this (worded completely differently, but you get the idea): "No matter what tactics I use as a parent - spanking, shouting, negotiating, etc. - at the end of the day, the result will be the same. The kids will do what I want them to do because I am the parent. Knowing that, it's easier to skip all the struggle in the middle and move right on to their doing what they're told."

Of course, in practice this doesn't always work as well as the theory (and I DO want my kids to have some real amount of autonomy!!), but I try to keep it in mind when things get exciting around here.

Anonymous said...

I spank and I'm not sorry for it. I know great people who respect authority and people, that were spanked as a child, including myself. Children should know who the parents are in the family; I'm not a friend to my kids and never will be. I want them to respect me and other adults. If they misbehave badly, they will get spanked for it. Now we aren't talking corporal punishment, we are talking spanking when they've done something they shouldn't have.

OR you get something like the Heene's and their foul mouth kids. I also see these type kids all the time in the store or at my kid's school; they disrepect the teachers and others around them.

Anonymous said...

I have a low tolerance for children that misbehave as well, but I think most adults have a hard time keeping a spanking, just a spanking..and not spanking in anger.

Like yelling in anger. It's a tough job being a parent. There is no right answer.

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