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What are your Holiday Traditions? To be honest, we haven't set a lot of our own yet. In order to accommodate our extended families, we've always made ourselves so flexible and open to whatever happens. And I guess that's a tradition. Maybe? and Twittermoms are running a sweepstakes (prize is a $50 Target gift card) for sharing three of your favorite Thanksgiving family traditions that you have or will pass on to your Children.

So here are the traditions we have set (By the way, I'm not proud of these traditions. I'm just telling it like it is):
-Eating way too much sugar and fat.....for days.
-Hitting the Black Friday sales.
-Eating something other than Turkey, because I've never cooked one that didn't end up raw.
-Spending the holiday with one of our extended families, usually on a date other than the holiday, and travelling or hosting relatives. On the one hand, we ensure that we see all of our family members over the holidays and stay relatively unstressed about having to be in multiple places. On the other hand, I feel like we've never had a holiday "of our own" and have never been able to set our own traditions. Our family members are happy because they have the actual date to spend with their other relatives. But I always feel a little shifted by all of it. are the traditions I want to set:
-Everybody helps create a bountiful, yet healthy meal that we sit down and enjoy together without much stress or tension. Even the kids get included.
-I would like for us to go around the table and have each person give at least one thing they are thankful for.
-I'd like to celebrate the holidays as our own family once in a while, so things are less loud and wild, and so there isn't so much travelling.
-I'd like to start planning our Christmas decorating and shopping a few days after Thanksgiving instead of rushing into it the next morning.
-Cooking a fresh (not frozen) turkey and having it turn out great.
-Having just the right amount of food so we don't end up with endless leftovers.
-I'd love to start an active family activity that we can look forward to every year. I haven't quite figured out what that should be. Any ideas?
-And I would love it if there was magically no fighting or stress. :)


Together We Save said...

Thanks for letting me know about the give away!!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Here there is a Turkey Trot (or something like that--don't know if that is the name) that is held either on Thanksgiving Day or the day after. You can either walk or run it (I think it was a 5K or something--don't quote me on that--I'm not a runner), families are encouraged to participate together, etc. You get a free T-shirt and a pumpkin pie or something for participating (which you could drop off at a shelter on your way home!). Maybe your area has something like this?

Proud Poppa said...

Can't wait for Thanksgiving!
1) We get a pie from Marie Calenders
2) We read an article from the NY Times about Thanksgiving
3) Some day I'd like to make a tur-ducken!

Anonymous said...

My husband's aunt organizes a walk around a nearby forest preserve the morning of Thanksgiving!

Sheila said...

Stopping by from TwitterMoms! Love your blunt's refreshing. Maybe one of these years you'll come out of Thanksgiving with a fully cooked turkey!! :)

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