Holiday Toy Review - Tonka Chuck Truck

If you scanned the toy ads this week, you probably saw the Chuck My Talking Truck. And for good will most likely be a hot item for kids 2-5 this season.

Momfluence sent me the Tonka Chuck Truck to review and my kids were so excited when the package arrived. My 3 year old wanted the enclosed book and my 5 year old could tell that it was going to make noise.

And make noise it did! The truck responds to your voice and will start-up and drive when it hears you make a sound. A loud sound. No worries about it driving into your room when your husband starts snoring. lol

I don't usually buy toys with batteries, so this was a treat for my kids. But they made so much noise with it, I remembered why I don't buy battery operated toys. Luckily, there is an off switch and they had almost as much fun with the truck off. Almost.

The accompanying book was really good. It was all about trucks getting dirty. My kids loved it.

My overall thoughts:
-The Tonka Chuck Truck is a fun toy.
-I would recommend it most from ages 2-4.
-My kids were amazed the the truck could drive itself and respond to sound.
-The dump bed was the right size for hauling little pieces

Where can you find The Tonka Chuck Truck? It's on sale this week at a lot of Toy Stores. You can find it at pretty much any store that carries toys and also on

This review was not compensated. I did receive a Tonka Chuck Truck to review. My opinion was not biased by receiving the product and is my own. We will (much to my children's sadness) be donating this truck and all holiday review items to the Salvation Army.


Anonymous said...

Do you think a 1 year old boy would play with this?

Angela said...

A mobile 1 year old may enjoy it but the box says 2+, and 2-3 years old would probably love it most.

giggling kids said...

My almost 3year old nephew would love this truck.

Anonymous said...

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seo said...

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boys toys said...

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