Green up your Winter!

We all want to live a greener life, right? I know I do, and right now you can win by sharing your green tips at Enter the contest and share your tips to win Airwear eyewear for your entire family.

So without further ado, I'd like to present to you my top 3 tips for going green this winter:

1. Turn your Thermostat down! We keep ours at 64 degrees. Yep, it's a bit chilly but it's cleaner, less expensive, and definitely greener. ;) Too cold for you? Every degree helps. And think of the extra benefits: higher metabolism, you get to wear all your cute sweaters, your family will use your throw blankets, baking is enjoyable, and breaking a sweat through exercise is a warm, welcome thought.

2. Open your drapes in the morning, and close them at night. This serves 2 green purposes. First, when you let in the daylight, you can go almost the whole day without turning on any lights. This is green for the planet and your wallet. Second, it allows the sun to add some warmth to your home in the day and prevents some heat loss at night.

3. Bring some plants into your home. Since we are all spending more time indoors, count on your plants to clean up some of the indoor air pollution. Don't have any plants? I've been seeing tropical plants marked down 90% at Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot. The best part? Some of the tropical plants are the best at removing toxins from the air. We move all of our patio plants indoors during the winter (and's that cold here!) Indoor plants are easy to care for, and some even make new plants!

Obviously I could go on for days about greening up your life. Here's a snippet of what we do to be green (feel free to steal any and all of these ideas!):

-Compost kitchen scraps and yard waste
-Clean up any/all neighborhood debris and recycle when possible
-Reuse paper/cardboard/packing supplies/bottles/cans/jars for craft supplies (here & here)
-Buy used from garage sales/craigslist/ebay
-Resell or giveaway anything we can no longer use rather than trashing it
-Recycle batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges, electronics, CFLs and appliances
-Garden organically
-Propagate native plants
-Reuse newspaper as plant cover, mulch, and compost
-Use cloth grocery bags and give them away to other customers
-Buy produce in season when possible
-Wait as long as possible to turn on Air/Heat when the seasons change
-Use cold water for washing clothes
-Only run washing machine or dishwasher when full
-Bake multiple things at once to take advantage of heated oven
-Walk/run/bike whenever possible
-Recycle everything we can't re-use
-Respect our local wildlife and try our best not to disturb them
-Re purpose old items in your home to make them useful
-Buy in bulk when it makes sense to decrease packaging
-Buy from local (and/or ethical) farmers when you can
-Eat less meat
-Buy sustainable and/or biodegradable products
-Don't take medicine unless you absolutely need it - it ends up on our water supply!
-Properly maintain your vehicles and appliances
-Drive less, use less, buy less
-Teach others about going green

I'm sure I'm forgetting a million things. Feel free to leave your comments and I'll update my list. ;)


Small Sprouts said...

Hi Angela,

Just popping by to tell you I really enjoy your blog and would like to present you with a “One Lovely Blog” award. I checked out your blog and don’t think you have received it yet.

Visit me at to pick up your award! Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

I love this blog. Great sound advice. Thanks so much. I never thought about stopping those darn yellow pages.

Giggles. I'm stopping by to tell you to stop by and pick up your award as well.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Peeing in the shower goes a little too far for me!! :-)

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

How come I'm not receiving your updates on my blog roll? I haven't received an update since a week ago. :(

Diane said...

Thanks for the stopping yellow pages tip....they keep dropping them off at my doorstep...three in the last month...

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