Fat -Free Saltines ~ A friendy Warning

I spend a lot of time reading food labels these days. I'm trying to limit the amount of saturated fat, trans fats, and overall chemicals my family consumes.

I was dying for some saltines. Why? Who knows, but I went to the store and read the label on every, yes every, variety of saltine crackers.

All of them stated 0 grams of trans fats, but their ingredients suggested otherwise. To learn more about trans fats, check here.

Only one package was free of partially hydrogenated oils, these were the Fat-free saltines. My first thought was, EW! Okay, but I'm committed to this, so I purchased the fat-free saltines. Now, sometimes fat-free items contain extra sugar or extra salt to make up for the lack of fat, but these didn't seem to have that issue.

But how did they taste? Salty and a little bit stale. They were fresh, but I think the lack of fat made them seem stale, dry, too crispy. Thank goodness they were intended for almond butter bliss. If you haven't tried almond butter, it's a must try. The almond butter I buy is just almonds. That's the only ingredient, and it is tasty! I plan to create an all almond butter post sometime soon. All almond butter...all the time. :)

My recommendation, steer free for the fat-free saltines. Kind of like fat-free cheese, the texture just isn't right. Like tortillas, I may need to learn to make them myself.

In the meantime, the whole grain saltines were actually fantastic (but alas contained trans fats...)


Anonymous said...

Totally with you on using almond butter. We have pretty much abandoned peanut butter in our house. Have you tried MaraNatha? That's my current favorite and put it on just about everything: bread, apples, crackers, waffles, celery... you name it.

Oh, and fat-free crackers? Can't do it for the exact reasons you mentioned.

Angela said...

Almond butter is the greatest and Maranatha is my favorite brand but it's so spendy. :( I was getting it at Costco for a great deal until they stopped carrying it. Now I make my own. Yummy, Yay and inexpensive!

EcoMeg said...

Isn't it funny that the "whole grain" version had trans-fats. You think you're making a healthy choice by going with the "whole grain" version and that's just not the case.

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