Crust-Free Pumpkin Pie

I'm just going to put it out there...I hate crust! I can't stand the flakiness and texture. It also happens to be unhealthiest part of the pie (usually). I've seen plenty of recipes for no-crust pumpkin pie but they usually include bisquick or some other ingredient that basically bakes the crust into the filling.

I'm not a fan. I can still sense the crust and I don't like the extra ingredients. So what's a crust-hater to do! Guess what? You can make a pumpkin pie without any crust!

Here's how I do it. I make the recipe on the back of a can of Libby's pumpkin pie. I only use half the sugar (did you really think I'd use it all?) and I pour it in an ungreased pie pan. Then I bake it according to the can directions. And wallah...a crust-free pumpkin pie.

There is only one drawback here: The pie doesn't always leave the pan perfectly. Sometimes, when you are scooping it out, the tip will wrinkle. But it still tastes great. It's lower in calories this way too, especially if you decrease the sugar. It's pure pumpkin goodness!

You can do this with other pies too. Apple pie is great without any crust (it's just baked cinnamon apples). Cheesecake works fine without a crust. Lemon meringue can go crust free, but has a similar wrinkly tip problem. :)

Have you made any other crust-free pies? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Farrah said...

Made a pumpkin pie yesterday with homemade crust but this I'll have to do bc we're filler folks too. I should have been doing this all along! Thanks for the tip that it comes out alright without it. :-)

BTW...thanks for stopping by!

Melisa said...

I am soooo glad you posted this! I have been wanting to make crust-less pumpkin and apple pies for weeks now. I went out and bought a bunch of ramekins to bake individual ones, but have been a little unsure of if they would come out okay. Now I am!
Unlike you, I love crust. However my thighs and stomach love it too! Keep posting healthy tips, I love them!

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