Black Friday - Our plan of attack!

Target and Twittermoms are hosting another great contest....share your Black Friday plan of attack and have a shot at a $75 Target Gift card. If it involves Target, I'm there.

Here is our Black Friday Story
In the very distant past, my husband and I would get the paper on Thanksgiving and scour through the ads. We'd pick out the best deals, then wait outside the stores at horrible hours, maybe 4am.

Then we got internet savvy and started figuring out our must-have deals days in advance. And of course, we got crazier. Actually, my husband got crazier. Once I had kids, I valued sleep more than anything (still do) and bowed out of the Black Friday mayhem all together.

But my husband would hang out at 24 hour stores.....all night long! I think it was 4 years ago when Walmart had the super laptop computer deal. My husband was there all night. I think he went at 7pm, and he returned home, with 3 laptops at 7am. One for me, and two for his family members. As the years went by, we were less and less interested in the sales. Last year he only went out for a telescoping ladder that has served us well in many DIY projects.

But what about now? After years of deal hunting and really not needing anything....I think we're going to skip it! WHAT?!!!!!!! Sure we'll read the paper on Thanksgiving. That's just good fun. But I'd rather shop at home on Cyber Monday. Amazon just started their online deals today!

I'm not sure I'll find anything I absolutely MUST have, but if I do, I plan to get it with a full night's sleep - online - in my jammies. Speaking of online deals...check the JuiceboxJungle widget (green box in the sidebar) on Friday for an online Black Friday Deal.


Anonymous said...

We are staying in this year too.

Susie said...

That's an awesome game plan:-)

Mrsblogalot said...

oh yeah! wouldn't catch me out there for anything this year!!!!!

Rose said...

I'm heading to walmart. Blu Ray baby!

amanda said...

we are in the same boat - used to be out in it every year, just don't really 'need' anything anymore.

Lydia Beiler said...

I'm with you! To me it is just not worth it. And besides, how often do you REALLY need the stuff you buy? I find it ironic that Black Friday comes right after a day that is set aside to commemorate Thanksgiving or contentment if you will.

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