Baseball Guys - Action figures - Review

My son has been involved in a bunch of extra curricular sports activities....and he's hated them all! Last summer while he and I were playing soccer in the backyard, he finally said to me, "mom, I really don't like can we stop trying to play them all the time?"

It's not that I was pushing him to be an extreme athlete, but I certainly wanted him to have the chance to learn about sports....since neither of his parents watch or play in team sports.

I gave it a rest, but when Kaskey Kids offered me a chance to review their Baseball Guys Action figures, I said YES.

I'm not forcing! But I thought this might be a great way for him to see sports in a different light. My son plays with little soldiers and makes monsters out of his Magnext, so I figured he'd have the imagination for a set like this.

I started saving cardboard sheets so he'd have a board to play on. Surprise! The Baseball Guys set comes with a sturdy felt baseball field. Yay!

I took the time to explain the game of baseball to my children. They seemed annoyed. They just wanted to grab the guys and run them around. They loved the idea of having their own teams and playing them without any rules. Keep in mind that my kids are 3 and 5, so I bet someone who appreciated the "rules" of baseball would play with them according to the game.

Within days, the baseball guys were holding wars and living inside lego houses. Not exactly the way a baseball game is played, but imaginative. ;)

My thoughts:
-This is a quality set of action figures. Think army guys but bigger, more detailed, more colorful, and sturdier.
- I was impressed by the numbering on the back of each guy's jersey. No two guys had the same number (on the same team.)
-The whole set folds up and fits into an awesome little carrying case! Yes!
-This is a set that requires and sparks imagination. I love these kind of toys. Kaskey Kids was invented by a mom. You can feel it in the quality and the imaginative play.
-I think older children (or sports enthusiasts) would completely understand and LOVE this set.

My concerns:
-I don't know if my son will ever develop "a love of the game." I'm okay with that, but I'm glad to have one more way to expose him to team sports.
-This toy requires your child to use a lot of imagination. I think that's a good thing, but it may be a tough transition for kids that are used to electronic stimuli.

Check out Kaskey Kids. They have Sports Guys for Football, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, and College Football.

Right now Kaskey Kids is offering the SJ readers a 20% discount when you use the code "Holiday" at checkout.


Anonymous said...

I had seen these awhile back ago and had forgotten them. One thing that I really liked is that they make college football guys that come in team colors. We live in the heart of Ohio so a lot of our friends have the OSU & Michigan football guys so they can teach kids to battle it out at an early age :)

Anonymous said...

My DS would love these!

Rose said...

My grandson would get a kick out of these.

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