6 Moles Removed - 2 Weeks of Waiting

Earlier this week, I had 6 moles removed and sent off for biopsy. It was surprisingly pain-free, but still rather unpleasant. Who...what...biopsy? Yep, I had 2 suspicious moles and 4 that were removed for fun. Or at least that's how it seemed.

By the way, if you need to book a dermatology appointment...get to it! They book up quickly. I had waited months for this appointment. So when we decided to paint the house this week, and my husband was gone for a week long business trip, I kept the appointment!

I ran out as soon as the bus picked up my son and prayed the doctor's office would be running on time. I waited in the room for a long time before the nurse handed me a napkin and told me to undress.
No harrassment about sunscreen please...I've been addicted to it since I was 14, and all of moles were in places that see no sun....(NO, not there!) I still needed to remove all the clothing on my upper body and roll down my jeans. TMI!

The reason I tell you this is because after almost an hour in the doctor's office and lots of drawings on my skin, the doctor went to see another patient and my daughter informed me that she needed to use the bathroom. #2, and NO, it could not wait. I had less than 40 minutes before the bus dropped my son off at home and the doctor was no where in sight.

So I held on to the napkin as tight as I could and we ran to the nearest bathroom. The nearest bathroom....was several hallways away. I had to pass the waiting room, and two rather inquisitive old men on the way there.

Finally, we were at the bathroom. Phew! But the door was locked. Someone was inside and taking a rather long time. I glanced at the guys in the waiting room. Still watching. Great. Why did she have to go NOW?

After 8 or 9 paper towels, the lady in the bathroom finally came out. I hurried my daughter in, cleaned her up, and we headed back to the room. Yep, the guys in the waiting room were still watching. Grab a magazine, sheesh!

When we got back to the room, I got back into position and waited. A few long minutes later, the doctor came in and said, "oh, there you are...I almost started another case." We had almost missed our chance and time was ticking on the school bus.

Such is the life of a mom, right? I watched as my moles were removed. A dermatology office is full of all kinds of full length mirrors. ;)

I couldn't feel any pain, but it did feel the same way it feels when I cut through frozen chicken. I could feel the same sort of resistance. Instantly, my mind raced back to the movie Alive. Did you see it? I'm dating myself, I know.

It was the movie I watched on my first date. Good choice, huh? I've never felt the same about eating meat since that movie, and I was thinking about it again as my moles were being sliced off one-by-one.

My vegan dreams were interrupted by my daughter laughing. She thought it was funny that the moles were being dropped in containers. Silly. She then showed me a mole brochure from the doctor's office and told me she saw a cancer mole on my back. Thanks!

She repeatedly told me, "you have a cancer mole, mom!" Once the moles were gone, the doctor quickly left the room and as the nurse was capping the containers she said "I'll be done in a minute and then you'll have some time to dress." But before she turned around, I was already fully dressed and ready to go.

She looked surprised, but when you're a mom, you get used to having 2 seconds to dress yourself. We headed out the door and got back in time to make lunch and get my son at the bus stop.

My moles are gone. Okay, some of them. Truth be told: if moles were really beauty marks, I'd be Gorgeous!

In 2 weeks, I'll have the biopsy report. I have holes all over the place where the moles used to be and they hurt. Here's hoping the results come back normal.

*By the way - check out picture for the horrible mole removal on my back. Ouch! I'm showing you this so you see what I'm shredding through. And this is only one of six! But this one is troublesome for all the ab work. Now forget the mole...and check out my towel animal in the corner. Love it!


Kim said...

Ouch! You are tougher than I. Great post! Following you now from MBC!

Holly said...

Ouch! That looks hurty! Thoughts and prayers with you...

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI, be sure you check on your results. I had a mole removed in Aug and in the middle of October I got the results that it was Melanoma. Well, I hadnt heard from the doc so I assumed it was normal. You know what they about assuming! So don't let it go, after a few weeks, call them!

Angela said...

Whoa! Thanks for sharing that! I've got a while of waiting but I will be calling if I don't hear. No news is not always good news, I guess. :(

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I'll be praying it's not cancerous.

Rose said...

I hope they heal for you. I want to see the shred results

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