2 Episodes of The Biggest Loser this Week!

Don't forget - There are 2 episodes of The Biggest Loser this week! The regular show will air on Tuesday and a special reunion show will air Wednesday!

I am so excited! I can't wait to see how the contestants did after they left the ranch. I have watched a few of the Biggest Loser workout videos on my cable's on demand, and I have to tell you, I've seen a few of them. My biggest heartbreak... Eric. Do you remember him?

He was a deli chef. He was huge and diabetic. He needed to be on the show so bad, and he made it to the end. He won! He was so cut it was crazy! But in all of the videos....I'm so sad to report that he's overweight. Seriously overweight. I really wanted him to win and stay healthy, and.... Well, let's just say - I can hardly wait for Wednesday night. And I won't even eat candy during the show this week. Maybe. :)


Beth said...

I am also a huge fan! I didn't know there are 2 episodes this week. Well I'm ready this on Mon, 23rd so did I miss it last week? Hope not!

Angela said...

You're right on time! It's this week. Yay!!!

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