Teach Your Child To Read- Part 2

The following is a guest post from Jessica at Mom For Him.

Once your children are reading more and more and sounding out words on their own, it can get tricky to remember the rules, especially the ones associated with the vowels. As I've taught my two oldest children how to read, I've learned a few rhymes to help them remember how to sound out some words. Some I learned from the free computer games at Starfall in the "Learn to Read" section. Here are a few we use on a regular basis:

  • When two vowels go walkin', the first vowel does the talkin' (boat, steam, rain)
  • The silent "e" makes the vowel say its name (kite, name, vote)
  • Y can be a vowel when it says long "i" in my and try, or "e" in lazy or crazy.
  • Lonely vowels at the end of a word say their name. (me, she, go, no)
  • Does the "c" say "s" or "k"? At the vowels we take a look. With e, i, and y use "s". With a, o, and u use "k". (ceiling, cite, lacy; cake, cook, cucumber)
  • And for spelling with c or k: "K" before i and e, "c" before the other three (a, o, u). (kind, keel; can, could, cute) (This last one is from Carley!


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good tricks.thanks

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