Making Raw Applesauce - Vitamix Style

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love to make homemade applesauce in the fall. Usually, I slice up my apples, boil them until their soft and grind them in a Foley Food Mill that removes the skins and cores. And I end up with tasty homemade applesauce.

But not this year. I have a Vita-Mix now and so we've been making applesauce....Vitamix style. It's so easy, it's raw, it's whole and it's tasty!

Here's what you do:

Throw some apples in the machine. I don't cut them or remove their seeds, cores, peels, or stems. ;)

After a few seconds, the result is tasty (really smooth) applesauce. If you wanted to make a chunkier sauce, you'd most likely need to remove the peels and cores.

Why is it so brown? The red peels and cores are pulverized to smithereens and give the sauce a bit of color. No need to add sugar or sweeteners, but I sometimes add a little cinnamon.

I love to make my own applesauce when apples are inexpensive. And with the Vita-Mix, I can make it with just a few apples at a time and not have to worry about it spoiling before we can finish it all. ;) The two apples in this picture made 2 medium-large bowls of applesauce, which my kids quickly finished.

Update---DO NOT MAKE APPLESAUCE LIKE I DID! --A special thanks to my readers who alerted me to the fact that apple seeds contain cyanide. Yep, I made poison. I checked it out (by searching with swagbucks---woo!) and found that they are, in fact, poisonous. The vitamix salesman clearly didn't know this when he advised me to leave all seeds for all fruits (except peaches) intact.

I'll still make "raw applesauce"....just minus the core. :)


2 Toddlers and Me said...

Wow, I would never think you could blend up two whole apples without breaking the blender. Impressive and so easy! Great review.

Amy said...

I was always under the impression that apple seeds were poisonous (unless you swallow them whole, because they will, um, come out whole).

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you caould use whole apples either!!

Michaela said...

I never knew that you could use whole apples. That looked like some tasty applesauce!
Stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hi

Angela said...

Thanks for the update. I'm checking to see if apple seeds are poisonous as we speak. The vitamix people and cookbooks say no, but I'll come back and update.

Tamara said...

Yummmm I love homemade applesauce, but i also didn't know you could use whole apples, i'm curious also about the appleseeds. I went to the orchard this weekend and your giving me the inspiration to make some applesauce. :)
Really enjoyed your blog!!! I'm following you and invite you to come follow me too:

l.ann said...

Just thumbing through some of your archives and came across this post! It is true that apple seeds, do infact, contain the poison, but you would have to eat LOTS of apple seeds [in one sitting] to cause "damage". As a matter of fact - research has shown that eating little bits at a time (for instance your applesause) is a preventative for some forms of cancers. Just my pocket change :o) Great blog!

Anonymous said...

How about organic apples from my own trees?

Anonymous said...

l.ann is correct, apple seeds protect one from certain forms of cancer. The small amount in your raw apple sauce is fine. I've been using apple cores in my Vita-Mix shake every morning for years! Great recipe- easy, economical, and tasty!

IsabellaWithBells said...

Hey Angela,
That's actually a common mistake. Apple seeds, Apricot seeds, etc DO contain Cyanide, but in very trace amounts. You would need to consume BAGS AND BAGS of them to even make yourself ill. They are also very rich in Vitamin B17, which among other things, helps prevent cancer.
It's a great idea to eat apple seeds, and I always eat my apricot pips (after cracking them out of the shell).
Happy baking!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry if you use the seeds from two apples you are not poisining yourself or your family!!!

Holly Worton said...

You'd need to consume massive amounts of seeds, OR eat them every day. If someone gets on an applesauce kick and starts eating cores with seeds every day, it could cause problems.

Anonymous said...

You have to have several apples in a batch to have enough cyanide to hurt you - but I don't see a reason to have any. I leave everything but the seeds and the price sticker.

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