Homemade Almond Walnut Butter - Using the Vitamix

Since Costco stopped selling my favorite almond butter, I've been focused on making my own. This is my first Vitamix nut butter experiment! I attempted to make raw almond walnut butter. Follow below to see the results:

I filled the Vitamix with a few cups of raw almonds and about a cup of raw walnuts.

The result. I didn't really follow the directions (surprised?) so my butter really became more of a nut paste rather than a butter. It looked, smelled, and tasted like cookie dough. I'm not kidding!

I shared it with my daughter and she loved it. She asked if she could have "more of that sugary stuff." Keep in mind there is no sugar in here! No oils, no honey, nothing but almonds and walnuts.

I prefer to eat it in a sandwich or on saltines. Why is so white (or tan) for a nut butter? Because I used raw nuts.

Because I made more of a paste than a butter, it spread so easily and held it's shape. Most almond butters are notoriously running and have to be altered to use in traditional peanut butter recipes.

A few months ago I attempted chocolate almond butter cups, and had the hardest time with the almond butter running out. This paste held it's shape so well, I could form it into "cookie dough balls" and pop them in my mouth.

I may write to a few ice cream companies about this. A vegan cookie dough ice cream anyone? It would be devastatingly expensive, but oh so good. And I finally understand how people can make raw nut cheeses...they just don't blend it to the absolute butter stage.

And with this experiment, it's official. I just may go Vegan this holiday season. I will pack my own snacks as we're travelling and bring along some of my almond/walnut butter as a cookie substitute. ;)

And since I know "the wrong way" to make a butter, I'm going to get some cashews and make some nut cheeses (these are just raw nuts and spices that when blended taste like cheese...kind of akin to my cookie-dough-like nut paste.)


Holly said...

I am totally intrigued. I am going to have to try this...everyone is my family wants almond butter...no more peanut butter here!

Holly @ 504 Main.blogspot.com

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Looks delicious! I've never made anything like this before, but like trying new things. I may try out your recipe, thanks for sharing it!

amanda said...

Costco had a demo for the vitamix yesterday. I think I drooled while watching.

bazu said...

that is so interesting! I am vegan, but don't have a vitamix- your nut paste experiment really tempts me, though!

Ryan @ Cactus Facts said...

Wow looks good! I'm going to have to try the Chocolate almond butter cups. Great idea!

Nopalea said...

Angela, this looks amazing! Almost like the same recipe my grandma used many years ago! I been searching for something like this! Thank you so much

Natalie said...

Hi Angela, I recently tried my hand at making almond butter. The blender got really hot, and the almond butter looked more like "mealy" like your picture above. I just let the mixture sit, and let the machine cool down for a bit. Then when I turned it on again, presto magic, it did turn into a beautiful smooth ooey gooey butter. I'm sure that if you just let the mixture go a bit more, it would have eventually smoothed out for you!

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