Check out my new Twitter page

When you get a second, go check out my new twitter page and tell me what you think. I never thought this techno-grandma would figure out twitter, but now I'm seriously addicted. :)


Ellen said...

Looks neat. I 'twitter' except I still haven't gotten the hang of it - in terms of how to leave a note with the @ symbol. Any tips?

Angela said...

You use the @ when you want to send a message you want that person to notice.

For example. If you were tweeting about one of my giveaways and you want me to "see" that you tweeted it, you would put @suburbanjung somewhere in your message. Then when I check any mentions, I will see that message. Most people get hundreds of tweets a day (or more!) so if they aren't mentioned, they get lost a lot.

You can either type the @name or go under the drop box on the person's twitter page and select Mention. And it will put @name in the box for you. Hope that helps.

If you want to send me a message put @suburbanjung in the message and I'll respond back. :)

The Prudent Patron said...

I just started too, but I am no where near addicted..more like lost!

Ellen said...

Thank you! I will. I twitter at sewnutty8.

Anonymous said...

really nice!!

that is hard work..i can see..

2 Toddlers and Me said...

I checked it out, it's great! I tried Twitter once and just didn't get it, I'll have to give it a try again. Great job!

By the way, you have an award waiting for you on my blog. Congrats!

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