The Art of Disappearing by Ivy Pochoda

I was given the opportunity to review The Art of Disappearing by Ivy Pochoda. I usually read books that are focused on teaching me something, so I looked forward to reading a romance novel.

Here are my thoughts:
This is an interesting story. The characters, the places, and the activities are all things I wouldn't encounter in my ordinary life. Oh yeah....and there's magic. For those reasons, I was out of my usual element when I read this book. In some ways that broadened my horizons, and in others it sometimes lost my interest.

The story was a love story involving two somewhat awkward adults in multiple locations, intertwined with magic and a very surprising ending. In fact, I wouldn't have guessed the ending at all, but that made it fun.

The style of writing was very descriptive. I was able to envision every detail of each scene in the story, but sometimes had to re-read a few sections because, as a mom of two young children, I wasn't able to focus on details as easily as I would have liked.

I looked forward to reading it each day, and enjoyed seeing the story unfold. It was different that any of my usual choices, but I liked the story. If you want to check out a romance story, without the typical format or ending, this may be the one for you.

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Michele said...

I was wondering if this book was any good. Hadn't heard much about it. Thanks for the great review!!

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