The 30-Day Shred: Level 2 & 3

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I recently added the 30 Day Shred to my workout routine and posted earlier how I thought Level 1 was too easy. Thank you for keeping the hate mail under control. LOL. Seriously...thanks.

Well, since that day I have shredded with level 2 twice, and once with level 3. Sorry it took me so long to post the results, but I was so sore I couldn't kidding.

Level 2
Five minutes into the dvd, I was thinking level 2 was easier than level 1 (feel free to throw candy at your screen.) I was getting disappointed. But this time, I was wrong.

Not only is level 2 a lot more fun, it's also a bit more challenging. A bit. Please don't misunderstand me, these workouts are great. They are good quality exercises in a format that anyone can do. But they're not super tough (read: not impossible.)

You can whip through this in 20 minutes and be done with your workout. Really! But I wouldn't recommend shredding every day for 30 days. Sure, going every other day will slow down your "results," but seriously, you should be in it for the long haul, for the overall health of your body.

And your body needs to rest. If you do squats, jumps, and lunges every single day, something is going to get hurt. You don't want pulled muscles, torn muscles, ripped ligaments or stress fractures.

You want to be healthy, not just quick-slim.

Level 2 had "walk-out" pushups. A totally easy pushup, but a great hamstring stretch. I think I might prefer it to downward dog, and will be swapping it out.

If you want a tough pushup.... here are a few suggestions: Spiderman pushups, add some weight to your back (a small child works nicely, lol), go one-armed, or burpees. Burpees and spiderman pushups are the two things that actually make me sore.

So I cruised through this video thinking I was the bomb, and then we got to Plank Thrusts. Amazingly, I had never done those. And they rocked! And by rocked, I mean sucked!

I was sweating my way through those, trying to participate in my daughter's latest princess conversation, and thinking 30 seconds was a really long time!

They ruined me. I was so thankful for the crazy-easy ab workouts because they were a rest from the plank thrusts. And for some reason, related to my lack of dance ability, I had a tough time with the oblique twists.

Overall, I liked level 2. It was a fun workout. I did it once more before graduating myself to Level 3. My second time through it was easier (take that plank thrusts!) and I also upped the size of weights used for back rows.

Level 3
Level 3 did not disappoint! It was a lot tougher than Level 1 & 2. I'm used to planks and mountain climbers, so I was happy to see them included in this workout.

What I'm not used to? Plyometrics. With the exception of burpees, plyometrics is new to me and like burpees, they kicked my butt!

And then there were "traveling push-ups!" They were everything I dreamed they could be! This is one tough way to do a push-up and I loved/hated them! And have you ever did jumping jacks while holding weights? I have now!

Even the ab workout was decent. I thought level 1 & 2 had ab workouts that were too easy...not that I was complaining.... I enjoyed the rest (I'm so lazy!)

Bottom line: I felt shredded after level 3.

Take Home Tips for the 30 Day Shred:
-You can modify the workout to make it easier (follow along with Anita on the dvd, drop your weights)
-You can modify the workout to make it tougher - jump with your moves, increase your weights, and follow along with Natalie on the dvd)
-Drink plenty of water before the workout
-Start at Level 1 and work your way up to Level 3, even if you're a workout all star
-Be advised that you will have to listen to a 5-6 minute blurb from Jillian every time you watch the dvd. Use that time to get a drink, gather your weights and mat, get your kids a drink, whatever, but we aware you will always have that time. You can not fast forward. :(
-I would NEVER do this video EVERY DAY! Sure you would lose more weight this way, but be in it for the long haul and only do this every other day. You will heal and recover a lot better this way.
-Never wear sweatpants, sweatshirts, or other baggy clothes. You will already be sweaty and need to be able to move quickly without baggy clothes getting in the way.
-It's a good investment and an excellent overall workout without a gym. :) I bought mine for $7 and Amazon has it too.
-You CAN get an amazing workout in just 20 minutes!

In case you're wondering. I'm not keeping score. Most blogging shredders are posting before/after pics and stats. To be honest, I don't think you'd be able to tell a difference on me. Not on camera, anyway. {That wasn't meant to come off sassy} If I remember, I'll try to measure myself and see if I've changed at all in a month or two (since I'm not shredding daily.) I'm not really in it for more weight loss. Read back a bit and you'll know why. :)

But if you have some baby fat to lose or just need to get in shape, I bet this video would be extremely helpful. It's full of really good workouts. You even have the option to follow along with the "easier girl" if you need to. And it's only 20 minutes. The best part!

Looking for another like-minded exercise info source? Check out Denise Austin's Tone Your Tummy Type. She gives you a page by page workout that is a lot like the shred. And she gives a ton of great recipes and overall fitness tips.

In case you're wondering, I've personally read all the books I link to. I'm a book reading fanatic! If you ever want a recommendation regarding healthy eating, fitness, parenting, spiritual stuff, or just funny girl humor; I may have read it. :) {I don't sleep much...remember}

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Rose said...

if it shredded you then I want to try it. but i'm scared to at the same time!

Faerie Mom said...

OK. How about some beginning yoga books/ videos? I really want to start yoga but have no clue where to start....

Angela said...

For Yoga, the Gaiam videos are pretty easy and good for beginners. Also on the same track, the windsor pilates series (I know it's pilates and not "yoga" but it's similar).

I would also check out I love her blog! She posts videos of herself doing the moves and has her own yoga DVD. :)

And the wii fit is pretty good for yoga beginners.

I do a lot of beginner yoga videos from exercise tv. If you have video on demand, you may be able to access free yoga (and other exercise) videos there. Also, check out exercisetv on the web because they often have free downloads.

I get daily emails from women's health magazine today ( focused on yoga and they always have great tips and exercises to try. I'm going to post a few of those in the near future.

Yoga is my "beginner realm" so as I get more extreme in yoga, I'll know a little more. I have only breezed through yoga books and haven't really found "the one" yet that's recommendable. Thanks for the questions.

blueviolet said...

I did it for a month but then I went away for the weekend and got off the routine. I need to start back up again but I still haven't moved to level 2. I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared too! How would level 1 be for a normal person?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I think I am going to get the videos as well. I no longer want to use "driving to the gym" as an excuse. Thanks for the details!!

areeba (

Faerie Mom said...

Thanks for the tips on Yoga! I will check out several of the things you mentioned. Do you think the 30 day shred is advisable for someone VERY out of shape? Or is it better for a medium shape person? LOL

Angela said...

Faerie Mom,
Good question. Yes and No. Yes you can do it if you are really out of shape, but I would go slow, drop the weights if you have to, and stop when needed. And I would NOT do it everyday. I would do alternate days so your body can heal. If you are out of shape, your body should (will) hurt pretty bad the next day. And you need to rest.

But...there are two models on the video. One is high impact, tough moves, the other makes them easier and low impact. Follow along with the easier one, walk in place instead of jog if you have to, put the weights down and still try to put your body through the motions if you can, do pushups on your knees... just easy it up a bit and work up to doing it full out. I think even an out of shape person could do it that way.

But it would be quite a shock to the body, so take it easy, and over a few days/weeks you will get stronger and stronger. :) And then you'll be able to make to the next level. :)

Newu2u said...

great doing yoga and like it very much ...its a great start...and you do limber up over it helps prevent injury...i may try this i like that its in levels...take care and all the best to you

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