You can potty train your child younger than 24 months!

I'm past this stage...thank goodness, but I wanted to share this important book with you. Get it at your library, find it at a thrift store, or order it online. It's an old book. I found mine on a discount rack for 17c before I ever had kids.

I'm not organized, but I do like to plan ahead for important things like toilet training, getting babies to sleep through the night, and teaching kids to read.

I first learned about this book just months after getting married. I met a neat woman in Hawaii who had 2 little kids. One was just about 3 and the other was 15 months. They were both extremely well mannered and they were both potty trained! At the time, I had friends with 3 year olds they were struggling to train.

I asked her how she did it and she mentioned this book. It's called Toilet Training in Less Than A Day. She had heard about it on Focus on the Family. Imagine my delight when I found it at a bookstore for 17c just a few months later. My copy was old and worn, but was filled with such great advice.

Most of the book is focused on what NOT to do. As crazy as this sounds, it was so helpful to know what not to do to avoid any issues. And the simple. Really the actual plan is very simple and straight forward.

Did it work? For us...yes! My son was fully potty-trained day and night at 20 months. My daughter was ready at 21 months but I waited until 26 months because we moved when she was first ready. When I trained my son, it took 3 days total. He couldn't talk yet so it took us a few days to fully communicate with each other.

My daughter took about 2 hours. ;)

My son had a few accidents in the beginning, but was virtually accident free after a few weeks. My daughter never had an accident. We called her "the tank."

We never bought or used any pullups. When we decided to go for it, we went all in and gave all our unused diapers away. From a mom who really did it, I want you to know it's possible and this book has a great plan to get you there.

In recent years, Dr. Phil has adopted and promoted a similar method, but check this book out from your library because the "what not to do" is very informative. Best of luck!


Mind Of Mindi said...

This is exactly what I need to get. My 2 year old is so ready for the potty!

Deb ! Frugal Living And Having Fun! said...

Hi, It's Deb over at Frugal Living And having Fun!! I love your is so cheerful, and well done.

I awarded your blog and you can pick it up here:

Thank you for all you do. I appreciate everything that you do for your readers on a daily basis.

Deb @ Frugal Living And Having Fun

Jessica-MomForHim said...

We have used the tips in this book for potty training as well. We have 3 trained and one who is just in the very beginning stages of knowing what a potty is.

I like their idea of having the child train a doll, and also giving salty snacks and drinks for rewards, so their bladder is more full, so they have to go more often, giving them more practice in a shorter period of time. It just makes sense, and I've passed this advice along countless times.

The Prudent Patron said...

I did not use this book, but I potty trained my daughter and son in a day. I used a version of this that Dr. Phil did on his show. I beleive you can still find it on-line.

EcoMeg said...

That's a great book! And a good reminder that I need to get my 26 month old out of his diapers!

Rose said...

My kids used this and it works great.

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