Weekly Grocery Shopping Under $30 for a family of 5?

This week was a light grocery week. I stopped into Sams (I told you it would become my version of Aldi,) and picked up a few essentials. We have such a good stockpile of basic things that I really didn't need to go to the store, but we were hurting for some fresh fruit.

Plus my son is going to Kindergarten this week and a few extra snacks never hurt anyone. Hence the string cheese and mandarin oranges. So how did we do? $29.78 for the four of us, and one guest that stayed with us all week. So we were technically a family of 5?

I expect to be back to regular shopping again next week. Our pantry is starting to get low. :)


Tammy said...

Great Minds think alike. We hit Costco this afternoon for fruit. We also bought kiwi(our favorite), box of oranges and some strawberries. While we were there we picked up a double package of chicken and apple sausages and buns for Labor Day. Our total was around $40 but the sausage will be used for two separate occassions.

blueviolet said...

I wish I could shop for a week and spend less than $30. Great job!

jacqui said...

Hi there,
I'm not a "new mom" nor new at saving, but You Ladies sure are in a higher Rem. I so want to learn your craft. I could only dream of the week I leave the grocery store having spent under $80. I've managed to go from $200 to about $140. in the last few weeks; however, I must have the hungriest teenagers in town cause the food disappears making me having to go back for more. Oh, I forgot to mention my fam. consists of mom, dad, and 4 hungry teenagers. What do I do? I need help!

Angela said...


This post sums up most of how I shop:


You have two teenagers though, so don't try to get too crazy. They are like having grown men in the house, so you're family of 4 should be a bit more expensive to feed than my family of 4.

If you follow some of the info in the above post, you may be able to get closer to $100 a week, and that's a reasonable goal.

One thing that might also help is looking the "drug store game" I don't spend much on household items because 8 months of playing the grocery game left us with almost 2 years worth of every household item (for free or nearly free). That saves a ton.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

That's funny that you said that Sam's is like your version of Aldi's. After I wrote that Sam's Club post that you linked, I sent it to Crystal at MoneySavingMom, and she posted about it too. One woman remarked on my price book that I don't have Aldi's included. I replied that we don't HAVE Aldi's (but count yourself lucky if you do). But, we do have Sam's! I never thought of it as being like Aldi's, though--that's a good comparison!

I will have 5 teenagers all at once one day; it's got to be expensive to feed them! I can just imagine how that fruit in your picture above would be gone in 3 days.

For the types of products that you buy, it's amazing that you spend as little as you do.

I shop based on my monthly budget. Right now Smith's is having a case-lot sale (which happens twice a year). Ususally I spend the whole month's budget there in one day, and then I don't go shopping the rest of the month. My dh doesn't get paid weekly, so this works for us. Also, sometimes I'll spend most of the month's budget at Sam's Club.

I haven't read your post on how you shop; I want to check that out!

Angela said...

I have certain prices for fruits and veggies that trigger me to buy. :) Most likely loss-leader pricing. And I only buy those ones, so I save a lot. Plus, we get some variety that way too.

Your pricing for sams was great. I'm going to be making my own almond butter soon with the great prices on almonds. :)

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