A Surprisingly Good Ab Workout

Since our children are getting older, they are able to go for longer bike rides. Well...at least my 5 year old can. My 3 year old rides on the back of this:Schwinn 13-SC250 Runabout Bicycle Trailer.

Usually, my husband pulls the runabout, but since he was gone, I pulled it for the first time. And I'm telling you, my abs were never so engaged!

Because the child has some freedom in the back, they can lean from side to side and it's all on you to keep it upright. This works your core like nobody's business! Don't let this freak you out of getting a tag behind. They rock!

You can take kids as young as 3 for super long rides. And they learn a bit about balance and pedaling in the process. We bought ours a few years ago, in the fall when Amazon had a good sale. I'm sure there are higher-end brands, and some with more or fewer features, but this was the best deal at the time and we've definitely got our money's worth.

Both of my kids believed they were helping Daddy beat mom up the hills. And they love being part of the team! Kind of like Team Hoyt! Love those guys! Check them out if you haven't heard of them.


Lydia said...

I've never seen the like. I think Logan is a bit young for this yet :) , but hmmm...maybe we'll have to consider one of these in a couple of years.

Angela said...

My daughter holds on for dear life and is 3 1/2. Her feet just reach the pedals. It's really great at 4 because they can reach and pedal along.

You might really like the pull behind carriers (like a burley, but you don't need to go so expensive, seriously).

My daughter should technically be in one of those, but I'm all about letting them stretch and grow. :) I'm not the kind of mom that has a 6 year old in a stroller sucking on a paci.

Actually, I sold all my strollers once my daughter hit 18months. It was walking time! I'm such a bad mom, I know, but my kids can walk for miles without much complaint. :) It makes for some good family fun at fairs, parades, or just going for walks. :)

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