Still harvesting from the garden

We're still harvesting produce from the garden on a daily basis. Today's haul? We gathered a bunch of tomatoes, some beans, spinach and fresh basil. We gobbled this up in one day and had 2 nearly free meals. :)

We're getting a few handfuls of raspberries too, but you'll never see them in a picture. They never make it that far.
I'm loving my fall garden. Next year I'm buying extra packets of spinach dedicated just to fall planting.


ApachesPrincess said...

Mmmmm, those green beans look so delicious!! We planted a garden this year, but the deer ate almost all of it :( However, we've had soooo many tomatoes! We had a bunch of lettuce before and got some tasty salads out of it....before the deer came! We do have 2 pumpkins and a bunch of squash and gourds right now though! I've been covering the pumpkins every night with boxes and lawn chairs so the deer don't eat them! Hopefully next year the green beans will survive though!

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

I use to have an amazing garden before my son was born. My neighbors called it my jungle. Now, I'm just too busy being a mama and working to keep one. Maybe someday I'll have one again.

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