Rick & Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage by Rick Burgess & Bill "Bubba" Bussey

What can you learn about marriage from the two, self-proclaimed, sexiest fat men in America? With over 33 years of marriage experience between them, Rick & Bubba aim to teach you the ins and outs of marriage, through humor, real-life examples, and Biblical truths.

This book is filled with funny marital stories. It's a down-to-earth, realistic approach to marriage that is easily read by anyone. I got the impression this book was written for both husbands and wives, but it seemed best suited for husbands. The humor had a very male slant (hunting and sports references abound,) and while I could get why some of their jokes were supposed to be funny, I didn't find them all that great.

But I do think they're hearts were in the right place. They're message of unconditional love and respect is useful. If this book appeals to men and husbands actually read it, your marriage would be better for it. Or it could just enourage him to spend more time hunting.

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Anonymous said...

I almost bought that book at amazon. maybe my husband woudl liek it

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