Recycling Batteries and CFL bulbs

We don't use a lot of batteries in our home, but we do end up replacing 1 or 2 each month. What do I do with them? I save them in this old plastic bag (from a pillowcase set) and leave them in our junk drawer until we go to the library. The batteries come with us every time, then the bag goes back in the drawer and waits for more batteries. Why are there rechargeables in the bag? Because after 7 years of reuse, they finally died.

Next time you are at Lowes, Home Depot or Best Buy, look to see if they have any recycling boxes. The CFL boxes are behind customer service (nobody wants one of those to accidentally break!) And check your library. You just never know. Otherwise, google it. Somebody, somewhere will dispose of them properly for you. Phew. Glad I got that off my chest!


Emelie said...

I'm with you. When reading this I was nodding and shaking my head sadly at the same time. Unfortunately there are just too many ignorant people in the world. I don't say this to be rude. I more mean people who are uneducated about the damage they can cause. When CFL lights were being touted everywhere not too many people were asking questions, and not too many retailers were giving answers (in my opinion). And then there are people who don't care either way. To the CFLs are just another of our consumable goods to be tossed out and they don't really even think about it twice. It's a shame.

Faye @ "" said...

Oh goodness! I would have freaked, too!!

I am glad to hear that Home Depot takes back CFL bulbs.

I don't live near any IKEA stores anymore (*sigh*) but they take CFL blubs and batteries back as well :)

We're lucky that we can put our disposable batteries in our recycle bins. I save used plastic baggies, wash them, and reuse them, if possible. When they can't be used anymore, I save them for sealing up used batteries, to put in the recycle bin, for proper disposal.

BTW, did you happen to check out my review of the Fuji EnviroMAX batteries? They just came out recently. They're disposable, but much safer and greener; even from their manufacturing standpoint.

Chat soon, Angela!! :)

Faye @

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. I didn't know cfl could be recycled.

Jolene said...

ok...I knew about the CFL's but didnt know to recycle batteries! THANKS TO U THOUGH I will DEFINATLEY Start! I think I am going to set up a little center in my home for the batteries and ink cartridges! :) The CFL's we have been using for 3-4 years and are still good so I dont think we will be recycling them anytime soon :) THANKS

Lydia said...

Hey thanks for the useful info...I'm going to be checking into where we can recycle batteries around here.

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