Our Outdoor Wreath Goes Organic!

Sunflower WreathSince it's officially fall, I pulled out our annual wreath from storage and realize it was a little crusty. I bought this wreath years ago....at 90% off on an after season sale. It's lasted for years but every season it loses some color and a few pieces.

But today, we revived it by adding some sunflowers from our garden! And it looks so much better! We'll be off in the forest tomorrow to get some more leaves and grasses to make it bigger and better. I'm so glad we found a way to give it new life rather than tossing it out.

Next season, I'll most likely pull out all the faded old pieces and use the frame and some bits form nature to reform this wreath entirely. At the end of each season, I will just remove the pieces and throw them in the compost. Now that's green decorating. ;)


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