Our First Sunflowers!

I've tried for years to grow sunflowers. They always shoot up so quickly, and then disappear just as fast. What happens? Deer find them irresistably tasty!
But this year, they had some free seeds that made it into my children's flower garden. Since they were fenced; they survived. And they are so beautiful. I love showing my kids how their faces turn toward the sun each morning. I'm going to keep the heads out all winter so birds can enjoy the seeds. We have 6 that are open right now and a few more just getting ready.


Heliotropism said...

Well, would you look at the irony in this post... my name on my website is Heliotropism. That is the middle part of the sunflower, the area that can detect which way the sun is and will control the movement of the sunflower. Sunflowers are my most favorite flowers... really the only flower that I like for looks! They are absolutely brilliant flowers. :) So, I am so glad you chose to grow them. And, if this pic is a pic from your garden they are beautiful!!

Angela said...

Yep, those are my sunflowers. Cool name. The irony is great. :) I'm slow in commenting and emailing since I'm still without a regular computer. :(

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