My Bucket List ~ Always a work in progress

My Bucket List ~ A list of things I hope to accomplish before, well...kicking the bucket! These are the things I would focus on if I only had one month left. And you never know how many minutes you have left, so I'm focusing now. Some are easy and some are hard. But I'm working toward all of them (except the maybes).

I'm hoping to have years to finish these, but in any event, these are the things I'd like to accomplish.
1. Finish the Tour du Mont Blanc
2. Visit the Green and Black sand beaches of Hawaii
3. Swim with Dolphins
4. Swim in a hot spring heated by volcanoes
5. Ride in a hot air balloon
6. Have so many berries that I have to give them away
7. See the Glaciers in Alaska
8. Leave a legacy of joy and contentment
9. Notarize my will
10. Never stop saying I love you (it's easy to forget)
11. See the pyramids and see the Nile
12. Forgive my mom
13. Pick an olive and eat it
14. Hug a super old tree at Yosemite and/or Redwood national park (then my husband can legitimately call me a tree hugger)
15. Explore the mammoth caves
16. Stop swearing and yelling
17. Marvel at the Grand Canyon (again)
18. Grow a peach tree
19. Teach an aerobics class
20. Ride on a gondola in Italy
21. Rollerblade another marathon
22. Run (or walk) in a 5K
23. Ride a jet ski (by myself)
24. Canoe with my family in the boundary waters
25. See the Northern Lights
26. Ripcord through a jungle
27. Find out what really happened with my mom
28. SUP in the ocean (surf using paddles)
29. Snow shoe!
30. Do a real pushup
31. Learn more about history to have an appreciation for people that have gone before and the blessings of this age
32. Teach my children about God and how to be responsible, humble and caring people
33. Read some of the classics (war & peace, catcher in the rye, tale of two cities, etc)
34. Always have a garden
35. Be willing to go to the moon if moon traveling becomes available...and not be scared about it
36. Never become desensitized to human plight and pain and try my hardest to keep my children from becoming sensitized, lazy, selfish, rude, disrespectful, or having an attitude of entitlement
37.Ride a horse in the ocean
38. Learn to hula hoop
39. Eat Sushi
40. Eat Seaweed
41. Learn to bake bread...well
42. Go on a cruise
43. Meet a true clairvoyant
44. Ride on the autobahn (my husband can drive) and keep my eyes open!
45. Take my family to see the Mayan Ruins
46. Hike up another volcano
47. Go to Italy, and eat in rustic, old-home restaurants
48. Taste really expensive chocolate
49. Learn to rip stick
50. Watch kangaroos box
51. Snuggle up every cat I meet (and meet them often)
52. Learn to cook with fresh herbs and spices
53. Learn to cook and eat well
54. Learn to Irish Step Dance
55. Play bagpipes
56. Learn to play the cello
57. Sail in a sailboat
58. Do a real pull-up (no assist)

The Maybe's
1. Skydiving
2. Reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro
3. Learn another language
4. Take some courses on the antiquities
5. Learn to surf
6. Hang glide
7. Learn gymnastics
8. Take martial arts classes
9. Scuba dive the great barrier reef
10. Take a pottery class
11. Try skijoring (ala canine)
12. Follow the Lois and Clark Trail
13. Raise chickens (for eggs)
14. Join a Crew team (rowing)
15. Learn to dance hip/hop


Rocky Mountain Memoirs said...

That would be one action-packed month! Great post!

Angela said...

Oops. I meant what I would do if I knew it was the end. :) I'm planning (hoping) to finish them over the next few years. lol

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