Mom on the Floor ~ Hogpile imminent

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Why is it that whenever I get down on the floor, I become the human jungle gym? For a long time this deterred me from any floor exercise. I mean, really, how can you do a crunch with a baby on your tummy?

For awhile I tried to include them (and still do a little, check out my push ups with child on my back progress). Now that they are older, there has to be some boundaries. Moms can benefit from so many great floor exercises. They're free and require no equipment. Try to fit some into your day if at all possible. A couple to seriously consider....push ups, triangle pose, jumping jacks, planks and dips. Just be ready for someone to jump on you at any moment.....


Anne - mommyhastowork said...

It's a great place to jump!

blueviolet said...

You're right! I'd forgotten about that. It elicits so many giggles that it's worth it though.

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