Microfiber ~ An amazing organic cleaner

The only cleaners used in our home are for our dishwasher, toilets and our washing machine. When I clean our counters, mirrors, floors, furniture, or sinks, I do not use any chemicals!

I know what you're thinking...it totally shows! Ha! My house is actually very clean and we hardly ever get sick. But surely I do something to clean up any bloody meat messes or milk spills, right? Nope!

It all started when we moved into our house and I had to figure out how to clean granite. Have you ever cleaned granite? If not, you've never had to fight with endless streaking. All polished surfaces (granite, glass, stainless steel, hardwood...all the really beautiful surfaces) streak if you wash them with just a regular dish towel and ordinary cleaning methods.

But being the cheapo that I am, and also the health fanatic (so named by my husband), I'm not a fan of extra cleaners. Then by some act of divine mercy, I found this book, Speed Cleaning 101: Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half! and learned about microfiber! I just need to tell you that this stuff is amazing! You can clean glass, stainless steel, or wood with just water and it will shine like it's brand new. Such a healthy and earth friendly way to clean! Plus it's easier!

I then happened upon a microfiber cloth embedded with silver, making it naturally antibacterial and antiviral. So I bought a set and I use them exclusively in the kitchen and bathrooms. No more chemicals, no more streaks, no more cleaning insanity. The best part about having a silver embedded cloth...my towels don't get stinky! What ever is on them gets killed. Okay, I have to stop here to tell you that silver is an environmental toxin. But I'm not throwing my towels away. I wash them and reuse them. I'm hoping they will last for years (2 years so far!)

I highly recommend you check out the speed cleaning book at your library. It was a must read for me! I really do have a decently clean house and I'm lazy. She has such great time saving tips and ways to help you keep your house clean at all times, or showroom ready in a quick 10 minute pick up.

I've been using her methods and microfiber towels for almost 2 years now. If you haven't tried them, you can get an inexpensive set at target. I think I got my first set there for $10 (and it included 4 towels, one for dusting, one for general cleaning, one really heavy duty one, and one for glass/buffing).


Sophia's Mom said...

Hi Angela,

What a great tip! I'll have to try that and check out that book.
Not only are cleaners bad for the environment, they are bad for your wallet!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Angela said...

And bad for your health... my son has so many allergies, I hate to think of more things attacking his immune system (or any of ours). Thanks for stopping by. :)

amanda said...

I have granite and stainless.... and kids! I often wonder what I was thinking.
I will have to find these cloths!
thanks for this post.

Chantel said...

Hi from SITS! I'm a newbie and was just wandering through the followers list. I'd never even noticed the microfiber towels at Target. I'm always looking for something new to dust with because I hate the smell of furniture polish and would really rather do without it. I'll have to take a look at them the next time I'm there!

Angela said...

You can find a good 4 pack in the cleaning aisle (where mops are sold, not chemical section) or in the automotive department. :)

Shelle said...

sounds interesting....no wonder my dh uses them when he's constructing!

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