An Inexpensive way to store toys ~ Building your own storage space

We built this great toy storage unit for less than $20. All it took was a few pieces of laminate from the hardware store and a couple of screws. We planned it so we could use the blue and red bins I picked up at the dollar store. The bins have picture labels so the children know which toys belong in each bin.

When we moved last year, I didn't think we'd have a place for it, so I quickly listed it on craigslist for $60. I had over 40 people email me within the first hour wanting to pick it up. Wow! I decided to keep it and find a place for it in our playroom.

I'll eventually put the storage unit back on craigslist. It's so fun when you can sell something for more than you paid for it. :) Too bad I can't give it away for free in a giveaway. :)


Shelle said...

My Dad was a cabinet maker and do you think I knew it was that easy to build one of those shelves. We bought one just like this at Ikea, and it is very heavy duty, unlike most Ikea stuff which has broken on us. I use it for my girls clothes as they have a tiny closet and of course it's perfect for 4 of them. I was thinking of moving it to the boys room when we're done renovating. I love it most because it works for anything.

Danielle said...

LOL @ the Thighmaster on the top! That was my favorite piece of exercise equipment for a long time, until it broke.

Anyway, great job on these shelves. You have inspired me to try it.

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Angela said...

Isn't that funny!!?!? I got it for 50c at a garage sale and I use it sometimes when I'm playing with my kids, so it stays in the playroom. LOL

I saw it after I took the photo but that, "well, that's really my life, so it stays!"

It's so easy to make things, you wouldn't believe. The internet is full of ideas, and if you take some planning with a pencil and paper, you can great wonderful things. :)

amanda said...

love it! Especially love that you custom made it for bins you already had!

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