Improve your Balance while brushing your teeth

I've been working on improving my balance this year. I've found some great yoga and pilates exercises and have really enjoyed them. But what about those exercises that you do without ever really noticing you're doing them. I call them lazy exercises, and I love them!

In the picture above you can see my balance board. I got this on clearance at Target for less than $4! It's great. I stand on it while I brush my teeth and get ready in the morning. A lazy exercise! It strengthens my ankles and helps with balance...without me even realizing it. The only issue with kids love the balance board and come to steal it while I'm in the bathroom. They love to see who can balance the longest. :)

Another great one, sit on a balance ball (stability ball). If you use one as a chair, you are constantly engaging your core's balance musles...without even trying.

Anyone have any other easy changes to your daily return that can improve your fitness and/or balance?


Anonymous said...

Tree pose (yoga) is good for balance and all free

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

Great tips! I am terrible at the balance games on the Wii Fit!

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