Holding on to my little girl

She says she'll live with me forever. I have it on tape! She's very loving and wants to be at my side day and night. In fact, if it were possible, I almost guarantee she would jump at the chance to be sewn together.

Well....I'll take it! Sure I need my space, but I was once a teenage girl. And I know I've got limited years of this sweet little girl left.

How rude?!!? Nope. She's going to be a dangerous combination of her daddy's quick wit and her mommy's good looks. lol. That was funny, right? Am I seriously the only one laughing? Okay...moving on!

She loves to talk, she's very social, she's stubborn and she's very quick with her words. We're in for a firestorm when she's a teen. And we'll have other issues with her brother. Oh man! Is it weird to be freaking out 10 years in advance??

Probably, but looking ahead, I know I've got to focus right where I am and hold on to that little girl (and that little boy) while I still can.


JosiahsMommy said...

Awww.Hold on as tight as you want! I already feel sad that Josiah will grow up into a teen some day.

Coupon Teacher said...

Stop by and see your award!


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