Grocery Shopping - Restocking the Pantry!

This week I went grocery shopping at 3 stores. For the last few weeks I've basically just bought produce, milk, and eggs. It was nice to average $30 a week for groceries, but it was finally time to get back into the game and stock up.

Keep in mind that I live within 2-3 miles of pretty much every store and I was out anyway taking my daughter to dance and both of my kids to the library. :)

Here are the results:

Click here to read all about how I bought all this for just $3.60 (originally over $60)
I spent $56.03 on the groceries in this picture. Original cost before coupons $112 (some items were on sale, but I didn't calculate difference between sale and regular price...I ran out of energy for it.)
This trip cost me $22.54 (original price of $66.15).

My total cost for this weeks groceries: $82.17 (whoa there big spender!!) Original Price: $239.15 My savings: $155.98 or 65.2%

I'm a bit embarrassed by some of the things I bought this week. A lot of things came in a box, but I needed some pizzas and snacks for my husband's poker night and since he's been home more, he appreciates some snack-type foods. And I'd much rather buy them at 60-70% off than full price. ;)

Plus those were the deals that my stores had. I did manage to get some good deals on produce, chicken, turkey, milk, and eggs. My only impulse item: organic egg roll wrappers. But I have some cabbage in the fridge that is just begging to be made into baked egg rolls.

To see more of my grocery trips or how I shop, click on the links or pick "saving money" up at the top of my blog and you'll find the grocery category.


Rocky Mountain Memoirs said...

You are truly amazing! I need to start reading up on all your tips so I can apply them to our budget.

Neva said...

Wow, I am impressed!

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