Grocery shopping - Decreasing the amount of packaged foods

This week my camera was out of batteries when I got home from the grocery store, so I have no pictures. :(

But I still have my receipt, so here's what we bought:

3 Loaves of 100% whole grain bread
2 pounds of red grapes
2 pounds of lemons (for homemade lemonade, among other things)
1 pound of limes
4 ears of corn
4 pounds of organic pears (so good!)
2 pounds of portabello mushrooms
5 pounds of potatoes
2 Cups of Digiorno Parmesan and Asiago/Romano cheese
1 Gallon of 1% hormone free milk
1 large container of 1% old home cottage cheese
2 pounds of bananas
1 Ken's ranch dressing

I spent $21.36 and saved $13.87, a 39% savings. Not my best, but I'm heading in a new direction.

This week I was so happy that the only products in my bags that contained labels were cheese, salad dressing, and bread. I only bought the salad dressing because it was free and we will end up using it. I passed up a bunch of great cereal and freezer meal deals because I'm trying to take us away from that type of eating/shopping.

It's hard to pass up a good deal....

Plus, I had promised to show some good deal shopping soon. I feel so fortunate that we are still going strong eating from our pantry and freezer! We're quickly depleting our stores of chicken and salmon and I'll need to buy more in a few weeks.

We're still holding strong on grains and baking supplies, but I sense holiday sales will fill that gap at just the right time.

While you are here, check out my current giveaways. And come back next week because there will be two back-to-back $50 giveaways!

One of these days, I'll get my computer back as well, so I'll be able to post current deals, visit blogs, and e-mail people back more regularly. Thanks for hanging in there.

One other thing....we bought something really exciting this past weekend. It's further helping with our change to more whole foods, and you'll see some fresh new recipes and our trials/successes with it in future posts.


Scrapingirl said...

You're gonna leave us hangin'? I want to know what you bought!!! :)

Angela said...

It's a vitamix, sorry. :) I plan to do a post about it, it was expensive.

My make it worth it. :)

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