Frump - A - Dump - Dump

I rotate my clothes by season, so when it became a little chilly last week, the options for pants in my closet were severely limited. At first, I tried on a pair of jeans with zippers everywhere. They seemed like a hip choice (yeah...5 years ago!)

I had a feeling I'd rip apart our furniture or car seats with all the zippers so I decided it was off to goodwill with those.

There was one lonesome pair of pants left in my closet. I looked at them with love because they used to be my favorite pants. My ultimate favorite pants. They got pushed to the back of the closet when they no longer fit. So I tried them on. They were still huge.

I belted them up with my new Outfit Additions belt (you can win one here.) It was still no use. They were super a bad way. If I were really honest immature, I'd say I looked like I had a dump in my pants. 

But of course, I wore them. And something happened. I instinctively chose all the frumpiest items in my closet to wear. I didn't put on makeup. I didn't wear jewelry. It was obvious and I felt horrible.

 A friend recently told me that it takes 5 weeks to get in shape and only 5 days to get back out of shape. I think the same applies with fashion. It took me months to get to a non-frumpy but still mom-appropriate look.

And with one old pair of cords, I was back to my old frumpy self. And it didn't end there.  I even worked out lazier than usual today.

 I washed the pants and put them in my ever growing goodwill pile, but I've struggled to get back in the groove. Will it take me months to get back to glam? It just might.

It's amazing how clothes/accessories can impact your emotions. In my mind, I'm back to the frump-a-dump-dump. @#%@$^#! Why does it have to be so difficult!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

always wear clothes that fit, that's my motto. good luck getting back to glam

Julia said...

I'll take the pants if you don't want them!

Roxy said...

Happy SITS day! I am the same way. I rotate my clothes by season. Unfortunately that means I'm taking the chance that the clothes may never fit by the time the appropriate season rolls around. And lately, with the last few changes of season, I'm finding less and less clothes that fit or are considered fashionable.

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