Donate a Lunch Just by slipping a note in your child's lunchbox

 If you promise to slip a note into your child's lunchbox (just something to brighten their day,) Lunchables will donate a meal to someone in need (through feeding America), plus offer you a Lunchables coupon.

Click here to make your promise.

I don't personally eat/buy lunchables, but I can send my son a note and help donate a lunch. :)


JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from MBC!
Now following your blog...

Staci said...

My mom used to do that when she fixed my lunches. It was cute when you were young, but the older you got, the more embarrassing it got, especially if you were in high school and an "I love you, Mom" note fell out in front of your classmates. What was more embarrassing than that was she liked to pack enough for 3 people. She always said she didn't want me to go hungry, but come on. Three sandwiches in third grade? Thank god I had a high metabolism.

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